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Organic vs. Non-Organic: Why It Matters

In recent decades, the issue of organic products has been a topic of heavy interest among many. While some people heavily stress the importance of organic products, others seem to still be on the fence about the issue. What the question boils down to is, why do organic products matter? In order to fully and accurately answer this question it is best to take a look at what the word organic really means.

What is Organic?

Certifying something as organic, requires that the product meets a list of requirements which are inspected annually by a government-approved certifier to ensure that these requirements are continuously met. In order for something to be considered organic, it must be grown or raised without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or growth hormones. Organic essentially means that it was grown naturally without the introduction of chemicals or pesticides. Most things sold that are approved as organic will have a USDA organic label somewhere on them.

Organic products are generally more expensive. This is because growing or raising something in an organic manner is more labor intensive and because organic farms are generally smaller than conventional ones so they do not reap as many benefits from the economy.

The Negative Effects of Pesticides & Chemicals

In recent years, it has been noted that as much as 877 million pounds of chemicals and pesticides has been used in the agriculture industry in a single year. These incredibly high amounts of toxic chemicals are introduced intentionally into our environment as well as our food supply, which has been resulting in serious problems. Many of these chemicals enter our water supply due to run off, and chemical fertilizers deplete soil which can lead to high costs to the economy in the long run. Pollution of the water supplies due to run off effects the environment as well as our health on a grand scale, from fisheries to the water we drink. What’s worse is that over 400 types of insects and pests have developed an immunity to these pesticides, which pushes conventional farmers to seek out even more toxic chemicals to eradicate them with. These pesticides often kill off many good insects along with the bad ones such as important pollinators. These detrimental methods of farming result in a huge negative impact on our environment as well as our economy.

Why Choose Organic?

Although non-organic choices are generally cheaper, they usually end up costing more in the long run as a result of the damage they cause to our environment and economy. Whether or not organic choices are healthier for you still remain to be determined, though some will strongly advocate that organic foods taste better. One thing that is certain is that you will definitely be doing yourself a favor by choosing organic foods as it can be a more valuable choice to your environment, economy, and possibly even your health in the long run.

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