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The Surprising Benefits of Wild Cherry Bark Tea

When most people think of cherry trees, they think of the delicious fruits used in pies and jams and the gorgeous blossoms that make spring and early summer so beautiful each year. However, what many people don't realize is that while the flowers are great to look at and the cherries themselves a true delicacy, the bark of the tree contains numerous benefits that many other natural and manmade remedies can't hope to match. By steeping this bark in boiling water and making wild cherry bark tea, herbalists claim that you can capture the full healing effects of this incredible natural remedy.

Respiratory Support

The major reason that you would want to consider using wild cherry bark tea is its efficiency as an expectorant and cough suppressing agent. Drinking this tea during a cold can help to clear the lungs and airways and support respiratory functions. Furthermore, the warmth of this herbal tea can help soothe over a dry or itchy throat which often can be a common symptom with a cold or flu. It also has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties thanks to the tannins that fill the tea. These can help fight off mild infections and prevent them as well, helping you feel better than ever.


Wild cherry bark tea is also used as an anti inflammatory remedy and can help with a number of different ailments related to swelling. Muscle pains due to tightness or strain can be relaxed and relieved and women can find great relief from their menstrual cramps and pains by drinking this tea. It is commonly used as a general anti inflammatory and research into this continues to find signs that it is highly effective at the task.

Digestive Aid

Indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, and other common gastrointestinal problems may be soothed away with a cup of wild cherry bark tea. Drinking this herbal tea can alleviate tension in the digestive system as well as help encourage proper digestion. This leads to less digestive issues over all which can greatly benefit your body as a whole.


Although there have been some claims that wild cherry bark tea can help prevent and treat cancer, these claims require far more research before this herbal tea can be recommended for this illness. If you are seeking relief from a serious issue, it is highly recommended to consult with a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting a regimen of wild cherry bark tea. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid drinking it, as should children under the age of two year old. And using it only in moderation is recommended since overuse of the tea can carry certain risks with it. But if used as recommended by herbalists, this tea provides a natural way to help combat numerous problems, mainly those related to breathing and respiratory function. The costs are low, the benefits high, and when you come down with a cold you will be glad that you have some on hand.

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